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Dedicated to supplying quality heating engineering components, and specialising in Keston parts.

With over 95% of Keston boiler spares in stock we are confident we can supply most parts quickly and efficiently.

All spare parts listed are in stock unless specified.

If a part is not listed please email us at with your requirements or product reference and we will check the availability and price for you.

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Latest Products

Keston Combustion Test Plug (Plastic) B04200491 Keston Combustion Test Plug (Plastic) B04200491
B04200491. For C36, K50, K60, K80, K130, K170, K340, Q28H, Q28S.…
Keston Capacitor (for Fan) B04303000 Keston Capacitor (for Fan) B04303000
B04303000. For K50, K60, K80.…
Keston Combustion Test Plug (Metal) C08100070 Keston Combustion Test Plug (Metal) C08100070
C08100070. For C25, C40, C55. Out of stock consider using plastic test plug…
Keston Circlip B04200530 Keston Circlip B04200530
B04200530. For K50, K60, K80, K130, K170.…
Keston Capacitor (for Fan) B17302000 Keston Capacitor (for Fan) B17302000